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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Dilli, Dilwalon Kii…..

By - Md. Mudassir Alam

Delhi, often referred to as the “City of Dilwalas” (City of loving people) is not only providing shelter to ‘Dilliwallahs’ but also to people from far and near. Some come to the national capital for higher studies, some for jobs in technology, management and other fields and some for simply viewing the tourist attractions.

After finishing my studies from AMU, Aligarh I also reached Delhi with an aim to get a job and I got it very soon. As I was new in Delhi so it was obvious for me to explore those places about which I have earlier read in books, magazines and newspapers. Hence on my weekly off-days, I used to visit the attractions of Delhi. Apart from Delhi’s tourist attractions, I always came across a large number of beggars in places like bus stops, temples, mosques etc.

Being a Muslim visiting the Dargah of Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia is a regular affair for me. One particular day I went to the Dargah, after completing the necessary rituals I was on the way to my home. Just outside the main gate beggars were blessing the people with the words, Allah ke naam pe kuch paise do baba, apki Murad poori hogi “Dear give some paise in the name of God, your wish will be fulfilled.”

As the day was too hot, so I stopped outside a shop and bought a bottle of cold drink to end my thirst. Though I was drinking the cold drink but my attention was also towards the beggars close to shop. All of a sudden my ear stuck to conversation of two beggars, who by chance were talking in some language that belongs to my home district Kishanganj. With bottles of cold drink in their hands they were talking, Aree bhai itni garmi hai, dekho Dilli ke log kitne pareshan hai, hum log hi thik hain din bhar mein 300 se 400 rupaiye kama lete hain “Brother it’s very hot today, see the people of Delhi who are always in hurry, we are better than them as we easily earn three to four hundred rupees daily.”

Although their conversation was continued, but one beggar was looking little worried. His co-beggar asked him, have you any problem, no, actually my relatives are coming next week and they have no any knowledge about my profession, if they will know about it, it will surely hurt them. With a gentle smile the other beggar told, don’t take any tension, I will arrange accommodation for them, you have to stop your work for some days and when they will go back you can start your work again. By the idea of his fellow beggar, the other beggar was looking quite relaxed.

My bottle of cold drink was also finished, after paying to the shopkeeper I left the place for my home. When I reached home I described the whole story before my family members and laugh endlessly. Even today the conversations of those two beggars are fresh in my mind. From the story of these two beggars I realized in Delhi’s fast life when people have little knowledge about others, people from far places taking advantage of this hidden identity and are earning their livelihood by opting different professions, leaving behind all hesitation. Why not, overall Delhi is a ‘City of Dilwalas.’


IndiA-WandERers said...

Yes, beggary has become an indestructible menace for the Indian Capital.

Delhi is progressing, yes, but the progress is only vertical. Govt. strategies embrace the developing, not the under-developed. Though beggary is a so-called prohibited 'business' under some so-called Law of some so-called Constitution, but who cares! The beggars continue bugging and the authority just ignore.
At every traffic stoppage in Delhi, you will find a bunch of 'sub-humans' in ragged clothes, hands or feet bandaged on fresh wounds - fresh, because the red stain shows more than prominently on the white cloth, and screwed in that body a face, better termed – a mask – with a ‘pity-me’ written all over! And with experience, they know the way to your heart, even better than your spouse does. Well, this is the beggary industry so thriving in the big metros alongside malls and multiplexes.
I might sound very heartless to have termed them ‘sub-humans’ and gone a step ahead with vivid details. But yes, like most of us I am simply frustrated. They know my weaknesses (way to my heart) and more than often get away victorious and I hate it so! Life’s a struggle – be it for those at the cream layer or us in the middle, or them at the bottom. Begging, is an easy escape from the chafe and grind.
So no matter what the face, what the wound, don’t give in to these con-men!

****13**** said...
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smplcv said...

Thanks for sharing this great article on my home town Delhi! But, now i miss it..Am in U.S ..thanks for bringing back my memories

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